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  • August 20, 2017

    The Data Exchange Framework Explained - Part 2

    A few months back I wrote a post on the Data Exchange framework and how you set up the Sitecore items for the whole ETL process.This post delves a bit deeper and shows you some of the code that I’ve used. Hopefully this will get you up and running...

  • May 26, 2017

    Reflections on SUGCON 2017

    It’s been a week since I’ve come back from SUGCON 2017 and I’ve finally had time to cover some of the key things I got from this years conference.This year the 2 day conference was in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and was even more packed than l...

  • March 29, 2017

    The Data Exchange Framework Explained - Part 1

    This month I’ve been getting to grips with the Sitecore Data Exchange Framework version 1.3. This is the first time I’ve played around with DEF so it was a steep learning curve. The documentation is good but there’s a lot to it and what I needed w...

  • December 18, 2016

    Getting started with OData and Sitecore

    Recently I have been working with Web API controllers in a Sitecore 8.2 project and wanted to run these using Web API attribute routing.Following some instructions from Kamsar I suddenly got a YSOD complaining about“A route named ‘MS_attributerou...

  • September 08, 2016

    Token-based authorization with Sitecore Services Client

    So Sitecore 8.2 has been released and us developers have a new set of toys to play with. A feature that’s recently caught my eye is the introduction of token based authorization for the Sitecore Services Client API. This post walks you through how...