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  • October 12, 2018

    What's new in Sitecore 9.1

    Recently I’ve been checking out the technical preview for Sitecore 9.1 before it’s official release. Here’s some of the highlights of the release.SIF 2.0With the release of Sitecore 9.1 also comes the release of SIF 2.0.SIF 2.0 has a lot more capa...

  • May 01, 2018

    Right to be Forgotten in Sitecore 8.2

    Following on from my previous post concerning the GDPR requirement of the Right to be Forgotten and how it could be achieved, this posts covers how you can make this work in Sitecore 8.2 now that Sitecore have released update 7.It’s unsual for Si...

  • April 26, 2018

    Right to be Forgotten in Sitecore 8.0-8.1

    If you’re in the EU, you may have heard that next month GDPR legislation will be coming in. That means user’s of your website will have rights over what you do with their data.They will have the ability to request that you remove any personal iden...

  • December 17, 2017

    Form Submit Actions in Sitecore 9

    This is a quick post to share some of my experiences with the new Forms in Sitecore 9.Whenever us developers use forms in Sitecore the first thing we need to customise are Save Actions.This post shows you how to create your own Save Action or Subm...

  • November 17, 2017

    Using Power BI with xConnect in Sitecore 9

    This post gives you an overview of how I got the xConnect oData API working and pulled data from it into Power BI. The oData API If you look at the documentation for xConnect you can see that xConnect is a service layer that sits between Sitecore ...